Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy Holidays! For Xmas eve we went to Liz and Chris' and guess who made an early appearance?!?

Like most children his age, Lucas was not quite sure what to make of Santa.

But he did sit on his lap to collect his gift.

Auntie Kate took him shopping for presents for his family. Thanks Kate!

Lucas recently drew a self-portrait. Quite impressive level of detail for a not-quite-three-year-old. FYI, the large circles on either side are tennis balls!

Posing next to his portrait:

Today Lucas turns three! Happy birthday Lucas!

And here is a video of Óscar:

More pictures of Óscar to come...

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Óscar and family are doing very well. It's great to see Lucas interact with his baby brother. He is very happy to have him around and has not asked for us to take his brother back to the hospital. He does ask Ellen if her belly is empty now. I am quite impressed at how well is adapting to not being the center of our family's universe. Great kid. As promised (Ron!) here are more pictures of the baby and family.

Ellen and Óscar

Lucas meets his baby brother.

Lucas was quite excited to meet him and was very gentle. He held his hand for a very long time.

Of course he eventually asked to hold him.

Óscar crying.

Óscar swaddled.

First bath.

Janz proudly wearing his son.

First real snow of the year.

Lucas had been dying to make a snow angel for some time and finally does.