Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cabin Fever

It's the end of February and it's still very cold outside (14° as I type this). At least it gets a little warmer during the day so we have been walking to the Elmwood strip again. Can't wait until it is warm enough to hit the playground! At any rate, on to the pictures.

Here is Lucas eating a lime popsicle.

Somedays he'll eat them, others he couldn't care less about them. That's the way he is about eating anything these days, which makes cooking food for him a very challenging mind-reading game.

In school they tell us that his favorite activities are gym and music. Clearly he gets his athleticism from his parents, but no clue about the music.

Lucas has many toys, yet rather than play with all of them he chooses one and finds creative ways of playing with it.

Not content with just putting his head in the box, he has to raise the stakes by running around with it on his head.

Lucas biting a straw...not much to explain other than he looks cute and full of trouble!

So I leave you with Lucas playing a song on his tiny viola (not a violin). If you can't hear the tune... be grateful cause I hear it all the time!