Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lucas started school in September! Yay! Here he is on his first day of school.

Nice shirt! We prepped him a few days in advance so he wouldn't freak out on his first day. He was pretty excited. Here he is walking to school with Ellen.

Once in the room he has to wash his hands. It's school policy. I am actually more concerned about washing them AFTER picking him up!

He didn't really mind being left at school. After all, they have toys!!!

Ellen picked him up from school and it seems he really was into painting. Notice the paint on his brow (it was worse before his teacher cleaned him up!).

He really likes school. For the past week he seems to only nap on school days. Hmm...note to self: Sign Lucas up for school 5 days a week...

Now that he is in school we may have to get another fridge to handle the constant influx of artwork!! Here's his very first one.

In other news...Lucas tried an onion recently. Not sure if he liked it or not. I tried telling him he wouldn't like it but he wouldn't listen. He was taking bites out of it. Yikes!

He's also taken up photography. Here's a self portrait.

And finally, nothing like dancing in your father's shoes wearing underpants!!!