Thursday, July 31, 2008


Lucas spent July in the Berkshires at Tanglewood. He went to a few concerts but lost interest once he heard James Levine had to cancel most of his concerts for medical reasons. So instead he tried new foods.

Arugula, yum!

Abuela Lourdes came to visit him for a weekend and they had fun playing with bubbles while wearing no pants (Lucas, not Abuela).

And though he couldn't go to his weekly yoga class, he would go through his poses every morning before going for a walk into town.

The house we were staying in was for sale so Lucas thought a pink flamingo or two on the lawn would help sell it. Here he is inspecting one shortly before a viewing.

We are back in Buffalo and I have to find our camera's charger or else no more pictures (or a new camera)!! For the next post, I'll try to shoot some video of Lucas talking. Hilarious.