Sunday, September 30, 2007

He Posts Again!

Well, about time I posted. Had I not posted today I would have missed having a September post and I'm sure Lucas would have held that against me some day.

Lucas is doing very well. He had his 9 month check up recently. We found out our baby is a light weight. He would probably weigh more if he were not so active all the time. More on that later. And it turns out he has a big head! In the last three months his head grew a whole inch around. No wonder some outfits are hard to pull over his head. He's lots of fun, even though it can be exhausting to keep up with him.

As you already know, Lucas loves his solids.

He also started eating fruits whole. Ellen and I are petrified when he eats large things like that, fearing he'll choke. But he hasn't yet and he loves feeding himself.

Here he is with his former Sippy Cup (turns out that some plastics can release toxins, blah blah blah. Next thing you know they'll tell us smoking is bad for babies too).

As I mentioned above, Lucas hasn't gained much weight recently. Here's why.

Yes, he can walk, at least assisted! And when not walking, he's crawling all over the place. He also likes to stand up at the coffee table, especially while eating my keys.

Here's a close up. Cute, no?

This is Lucas having a bottle while Ellen teaches. I'm not sure if this is a yoga pose, looks more like Pilates.

And here we are taking one of those rare naps.