Saturday, August 18, 2007


We were recently in Portland, Oregon for Christine and Kristopher's wedding. Lucas had a great time traveling. Many firsts for him. He embarked on his quest to become concert pianist. Just wait till he can reach the pedals!

We stayed in a Marriott Residence Inn, much to Lucas's delight.

He loved rolling/crawling around on the carpet...

...especially if a bag was lying around!

Also, the hotel room had mirrored closet doors which provided hours of entertainment.

Lucas got to meet Uncle Mike (aka The Godfather (not Lucas's)).

We visited the International Rose Test Garden, acres and acres of roses.

Though Portland is about 100 miles from the ocean (I thought it was closer), we took a day trip to the see the Pacific Northwest Coastline, which I had never seen. Neither had Lucas. We stopped at the Ecola State Park (which I keep confusing with Ebola, which is a potentially lethal virus). Lucas enjoyed sand for the very first time. Strangely enough, he didn't try to eat it (which is a good thing, with all that ebola).

And then the wedding! Here's Uncle Erich feeding Lucas as Aunt Lee looks on.

Mmm, beer...

Aunt Jane (his great-aunt) was awesome! She and Lucas had a blast.

Aunt Bunny (aka Christine) and Uncle Kristopher (aka Kristopher) were kind enough to dance with Lucas on their wedding day!

Aunt Bunny has a fascinating necklace. Can Lucas eat it?!?

Too much excitement for a boy of just 7 months.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Found the Cable

Finally, I found the cable for the camera. So back to posting. Now that Lucas eats solids, we figured it was time to buy him a high chair. So many choices! We were leaning towards the Eddie Bauer chair, which is nice, but ended up with the cool looking Stokke Tripp Trapp. We like that it doesn't have a tray, which allows Lucas to join us at the table, plus it's a chair for life. He'll take it off to college some day.

Check out Lucas crawling!!

He hasn't quite mastered the art of crawling yet, but he does get around. Quite slowly, which is just fine with us. Time to baby proof the house!!