Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting Big

I recently refloored Lucas's room. The old floor was painted and not in good shape. Hopefully we can move him into his room soon!

For the past few weeks Lucas has been putting EVERYTHING into his mouth.

We figured he was telling us he was ready for solids. So we tried some rice cereal.

He didn't really care for it, so we'll hold off on the solids for a little longer. Turns out he is chewing on everything in sight because he has a tooth coming out!! Explains all the drooling and fussiness. I'll try to get a picture of his tooth later.

So to ease the pain he's turned to beer. Takes the edge off, but makes him sleepy.

Here he is looking cute in his red parka.

In other developmental news, he can now sit up on his own as long as he puts his arms down.

But the moment the hands come off the ground... down he goes!

He likes his Kat. Sometimes she likes him too.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Weather too nice to post!!

Okay, sorry for the lack of updates. Been trying to spend time with my son rather than admiring his blog! But I wont send you off empty handed. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

Abuela Lourdes came to Buffalo last month. She had not seen Lucas since he was a few hours old.

He now likes hanging out in his Bumbo, playing with his toys.

And finally, he is big enough for his jumper!! (thanks Shieh-Jian)

Lucas quit smoking a few months ago, but he still gets the cravings.

He has been getting lots of floor time lately, not because we are lazy parents but because he loves it.