Monday, April 16, 2007


Sorry for all this time without updates. We have been very busy traveling and life with baby. But we have been taking pictures, so here are a few from the past few weeks.

I can't really explain the silicone bowl on his head. He plays with them and I just felt like putting it on his head. It stayed there for a surprisingly long time.

This last one we sent to JCrew wondering if they needed a baby model.

On our way to Connecticut for Easter. Lucas was great in the car for the 6 hour trip. Mostly he slept.

Lucas looking cute.

Lucas with his Grandma. He loves his Grandma (and his toy).

This is his new carseat. This one stays in CT for when he visits. Though he looks very serious in the picture, he was quite pleased with the carseat. Lots more room than in his infant seat. We'll probably have to get him something bigger for our car soon.

"I will eat that baby in the mirror!!"