Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Pictures

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Just been a little busy and Lucas has been a little crabby following his first round of shots. He is feeling much better though. So here are some pictures.

Here's Lucas in his frog towel from Larry and Karen. Adorable!

He now can sit in his Bumbo. Check out the his head support.

He likes it in there. Maybe we can now have dinner without having to hold him in our arms.

Now check out this closeup. Neck, what neck?!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here's a short video of Lucas crying. I know, not nice to film him crying, but I wanted you the viewer to get the full Lucas experience, both the good times and the bad times. Plus he's cute even when crying.

Got Milk?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

6 Weeks

6 weeks, amazing! Time keeps flying by. He is definitely not a newborn anymore, which is nice but also a little sad. Now I actually get physically tired after holding him for an extended time. This last week we reached new milestones. First off, he can now face forward while in his BabyBjörn. He really likes being able to look around, rather than just staring into my chest.

Compare that to this a month ago. He looks bigger, no?!

Another milestone this week is that he finally outgrew his first newborn outfit. Luckily, a bassoonist in Boston sent him this cool new outfit. You can't quite appreciate the full get up, but trust me, it's adorable.

He liked it so much, he decided to take a nap in it.

And finally, today Lucas started his Itsy Bitsy Yoga class at East Meets West! How yuppie is that?! It meets once a week, a room full of baby yogis. I had a rehearsal so I was not able to go, but Ellen says he loved it. Everyone was impressed by his head control. However, all that yoga can really wear you out.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Mobile Watching

Here are a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure. They are both of the same thing, Lucas watching his mobile in his crib, so feel free to only view one and tell me how cute and enjoyable both were! Grandparental units may want to watch both repeatedly.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

5 Weeks

Today Lucas turned five weeks old. He is doing very well. For the past week he has been consistently sleeping four hours at a time every night, followed by another two to three hour stretch. Needless to say, we are pretty happy about this!

Here's Lucas posing on his boppy.

Here he is in his bouncy chair, wearing yet another flannel shirt, this one from his Aunt Bunny.

Sleeping. Notice how he holds his pacifier in place with his hand.

So far so good.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Flannel and Denim

Lucas is currently in his Boppy pillow next to me, staring me down, so I'll make this one quick.
Lucas has owned a pair of overalls since birth, given to him by his wonderful Aunt Lee. We tried bringing him home from the hospital in his cute tiny overalls, but he was swimming in them! So we put them away. So now, after four plus weeks, we wanted to try them again. After all, overalls are adorable on babies.

Aunt Lee also gave him a nice flannel shirt to go with the overalls, but he got too fussy so we gave up on the shirt for the above outfit. This was last week when he was little, so now fast forward to yesterday. He's now a grown man, dressed just like his papi.

He then decided that I had taken enough pictures.

Soon when he's bigger, we'll get him some Chuck's to complete the look.